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06 March 2017 @ 09:11 am
Title: Nino Knows
Pairing: Matsumiya, Sakumoto
Genre: Drabble
Rating: G
Word count: 503 words
Summary: He knows. Of course he knows. Nino knows everything.
A/N: Because all these dating rumors about Sho is getting to me. I mean, I'm happy for him. INCREDIBLY HAPPY IN FACT. Because for some reason, this seems serious. They should just get married already. LOL. Okay, that was pushing it. HAHA. Anyway, as agreed upon with supercess, we're posting these together because we're sweet like that. HAHAHA. She'll be posting Jun's POV while I'll be posting Nino's. I know, I know. How did get Nino get into the story? Well, ask Cess.

[He knows. Of course he knows. Nino knows everything.]He knows. Of course he knows. Nino knows everything. He knows they're busted even before the news article came out. He knows the paparazzi has been following them for weeks. He knows all about the late night meet-ups, the exchange of gifts, the meet-the-parents thing. He knows they're going serious. Heck, he knows this is where it will all end up even before he introduced Sho to Ayaka.

But what he did not know was how Jun was going to react when the news reach him. When he overheard the two of them talking in the green room, he braced himself for some yelling and maybe some things flying and breaking. He was waiting but all he got was some hushed voices. He got closer and stuck his ear to the door to get what they were saying. "Good on you. Congratulation, Sakurai-san," is what he heard Jun say. Now that was unexpected.

When he heard footsteps getting closer to the door, he rushed to the corridor to hide. Wouldn't want them to know he's been eavesdropping, do we? After a few minutes, he peeked and saw Jun crouching a few steps away from the door. With a deep sigh, the braced himself to approach Jun, whispering 'here we go again' to himself.

It took Jun quite a few minutes before he realizes Nino's presence. Jun's eyes were glassy with unshed tears and Nino had to control the urge to just hug the hell out of Jun. "Nino," Jun called out in a needy voice and Nino was taken back to the time when they were still Juniors, when he first saw Jun cry because of Sho, when he first realized that he never wants to see Jun cry ever again.

Honestly, he mad at Sho for doing this to Jun, for making him cry for the thousandth time. Why can't he see that Jun has been waiting for him all these years?! That despite everything, he's still the only person Jun wants. He is so mad he wants to beat the crap out of Sho.

But then again, he can't. Who is he to do that? He's just their bandmate. A normal bandmate would not go that extreme over a personal matter. He wouldn't want to cause a scene that would eventually lead him to confessing his feelings for Jun which he's been hiding for years. He can't let his feelings show. He can't let Jun see how Jun's tears make him want to cry as well. He's been doing it for years, he's mastered the art of it.

Reigning in his emotions, he walked over to Jun while shaking his head. He patted Jun's head like he did when they were Juniors and said "Come on, Jun-kun. You were fine before, I'm sure you'll be fine again."

Nino knows Jun will be fine. He'll be back to his old self after a few days. He knows because he will make sure Jun will be.
04 September 2016 @ 09:18 pm

Title:Can you hear me?
Word count:200 words
Summary:Sho sends a group message, hoping for the reply of just one.
A/N:Because once we start hurting them, we can't stop, right supercess?

[Read it here]He had just finished his last interview for the day and arrived back to his hotel room when he opened his phone. As promised, he recorded himself saying “Japanese people, can you hear me?!” and sent it to their LINE group.

He knows it’s currently 4am in Japan but what the heck. He knows the four of them are either just about to go to sleep or about to go out and start their work.

He waited for his friends to reply. First was Aiba, followed by Nino then Ohno. Three out of four. One more.

He waited for a few minutes but there was no reply. Maybe he’s already asleep, he thought to himself but then he saw it. MatsuJun is typing…

He was excited to see how Jun would react. Few minutes passed but there was no message. MatsuJun is no longer typing as well.

With a bitter smile, he flopped on his bed while staring at his phone. He clicked on MatsuJun’s name and his number flashed on his screen.

As always, he stared at Jun’s number for a while, thinking if he should call.

And as always, he didn’t. Because he knows he can’t. Not anymore.

31 August 2016 @ 10:13 pm
Title: Dear Macchan (Oneshot)
Pairing: Sakumoto
Genre: Drama; Angst
Rating: G
Word Count: 993 words
Summary: Happy 33rd Birthday, Macchan.
A/N: (Belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATSUJUN!! Because there's just too much feels yesterday and I just had to write this. supercess, thanks for the pain. Here's our dose Sakumoto angst.

[Click here to read]Dear Macchan,

How long has it been since I called you that? Well, I’ve always been calling you that in my mind. Hahaha. Well, I just wrote this to say happy 33rd birthday.

I’m writing this while listening to my birthday song for you. Do you remember what that is? It’s Futari no Kinenbi. Did you know that I had to treat the guys to yakiniku for a week just so we would sing that song when you celebrated your birthday during our 2007 concert? Hahaha. I know it’s stupid but I just really wanted to be sing it to you in front of everyone during your special day.

I didn’t plan on being nostalgic but writing this makes it almost automatic. And since we can’t talk about it in person, let me just write it here, okay?

I first saw you in Aoyama theatre when we were juniors and I distinctly remember saying that you look like an insect. I know that it was not a nice thing to say but will you think I’m weird if I became happy when you said that you remembered that? You may have remembered it because it was a rude comment but I was just overjoyed with the fact that you remembered something I said to you more than 10 years ago. At least I am not the only one that remembers. It makes me hope that maybe, somewhere, the Jun I met that day is still there.

So now I wonder, what else do you remember? Do you remember when you said that you were number one fan and you wouldn’t give me to anyone? Or that interview when you said that you like me a lot? How about that time when you said that you don’t need anything as long as you’re with me? We were so young then so I was quite surprised when you said those words. You’re such a pro, you know? Doing fan service at such a young age.

That was all it was to you, right? Fan service? A part of your job as an idol? I know and I understand. It was my fault for blushing then and taking your statements directly. I was still so pure and innocent back then. (Yes, I had an innocent stage. Shut up.)

I remember those times when you would wait for me to finish my classes at Keio then we would go to our favourite Italian restaurant to just hang out and talk about how our day went. I would pig out and you would always end up waiting for me to finish my food since we’re going back together. Reflecting on it now, I’m sorry for always making you wait back then.

Remember my graduation day? As always, we were supposed to meet after to eat and I was supposed to give you my second button as I promised. We were supposed to meet at 5pm but my class had a gathering that did not finish until 9pm. Did you know that I ran my legs out from the karaoke place to our restaurant? I ran and ran but when I reached our meeting place, it was already closed and you were nowhere in sight. And that’s when it all changed, right?

I tried to call you a lot of times after that but you did not pick-up. Arashi did not have a lot of work then so I was not able to see you again until two weeks later. I will never forget that moment. I greeted you my usual good morning and you were so cold and distant. Gone were the smile you always threw my way when we meet. I was expecting your energetic “Good morning, Sho-kun” but all I got was a nod from you. To say that I was shocked was an understatement. I think I’m more like…heartbroken? I felt like I lost something (or someone) important that day.

It took me sometime to get used to the new Macchan but I divd it’s for the best. We are all getting mature so I can’t really expect you to stay the same Macchan. But it hurts me that can’t call you Macchan anymore. I now refer to you as MatsuJun or Matsumoto-kun.

Remember when I slept over your place the day before your graduation day? You may not know it but I was so proud of you then. I was so happy that I was able to convince you to pursue high school and you were able to graduate. I felt proud, feeling that I was a very important part of your life back then. I remember being teary eyed when we exchanged “ittekimasu” and itterashai.” I waited for you to come back and we celebrated in your room just the two of us.

Just so you know, I’m still waiting. I’m waiting for you to come back. I’ve been waiting for years so a few more won’t hurt. Because I believe that you will come back to me, just like you did then. And when you do, I’m looking forward to your “tadaima” so I can say my much-awaited “okaeri.”

And you know what, Macchan?

I never left. I was always here, will always be.

And as our song goes, even if I were reborn, I’ll choose the same path. The path that leads me to you. The path we both walked on. The path I know you will come back to.

Happy 33rd birthday, Macchan.



Sho sighed neatly folded his letter and placed it inside the envelope. He then opened his top drawer and slid it next to the pile of birthday letters he’s been writing Jun for the past 10 years.

Another one to add to my collection, he thought as he closed the drawer and headed for his bed.

“Happy Birthday, Macchan. Oyasumi,” he said to no one in particular as he close his eyes.
03 May 2016 @ 08:07 pm
Title: A Boring Day in an Old Couple's life (Oneshot)
Pairing: OhMiya
Genre: Romance; Fluff
Rating: PG-13-ish
Word Count: 989 words
Summary: On a normal day, he would have been bored out of his mind by now. But for some strange reason, he's not. And that's when it hit him. The reason he doesn't feel tired or bored. The reason has been in front of him the entire time. Literally.
Disclaimer: I do not own them (unfortunately).
A/N: Because this is what an hour of waiting in line for a van can do to you. And also because my super awesome friend and I have been on a back number fever for the past days. This was inspired by the song 日曜日 by back number. This is for you supercess because #relationshipgoals. And please know that I am waiting for a fic for 僕は君のことが好きだけど君は僕を別に好きじゃないみたい. ^_^

[Waste a few minutes of your life here]"Hey, Kazu. Wake up. It's almost time for lunch" Ohno whispers as he shakes Nino awake. Despite the comfortable warmth of Ohno's hands on his legs, his sleep is his top priority as of the moment so he turns away and covers his face with their blanket.

He felt Ohno leave the bed so he unburies his head just to see where his old man is going. He felt more awake when he saw Ohno stripping out of his pajamas and into his usual jersey. "I've already prepared lunch so get up and join me," says Ohno before he left for the living room.

Nino rolled a few more times on the bed, chasing its remaining warmth, before standing up and heading to devour the meal prepared by his boyfriend (and maybe devour his boyfriend as well after).

Ohno cooked his usual chahan. Nino would have complained but he couldn't deny the fact that Ohno's chahan is his favorite next to hamburger so he opted to silently feast on his boyfriend's cooking.

Lunch was a silent affair. They only shared small talks, talking about how they plan on lazying around their apartment during their day-off.

After lunch, Nino proceeded on washing the dishes while Ohno is on laundry duties. After washing the dishes, Nino headed to his usual place on the sofa to start the first leg of his adventure with his virtual friends. On his peripheral, he saw Ohno approaching with a basket full of their clothes but he barely moved a muscle.

"Ne, Kazu. Don't just play and help me out here," Ohno complains as he puts the basket down and sat on the other end of the sofa. "Nope. You're in charge of the laundry this week. I've already finished mine," Nino defends without even sparing Ohno a glance.

He saw Ohno pout and stand up from this place. Nino almost paused his game to apologize but the next minute, Ohno is already sitting on the floor, right between the sofa and the TV to block Nino's view. "Move your ass, Oh-chan. I can't see," Nino said as he sways on the sofa to ensure that his character is still kicking ass. Ohno didn't move a muscle, just sticking his tongue out to tease Nino and got started with folding their freshly-washed clothes.

Nino sighs. Knowing Ohno, that old man can be as stubborn as he is, so he just moved to the opposite side of the sofa so he can perfectly see the screen and Ohno.

A good few minutes has passed before Nino spoke.

"Ne, Oh-chan," Nino says without averting his eyes.

"Hmm?" Ohno answers.

"Don't you think we look like an old couple now? Today's rare, you know. Our day-off is on the same day. A young, healthy couple would have been on their third round of hot, steaming sex by now, you know. But look at us, you're just folding laundry there like the old man that you are."

"You want hot, steaming sex? Maybe if you get your ass away from the sofa and helped me here we could start our first round."

"But I'm not in-charge of laundry today."

Ohno said nothing and just continued neatly folding their underwear.

A few minutes after, Nino paused his game and looked at Ohno with all seriousness.

"Ne Oh-chan."

"What is it now? If it's not about helping me then I'm not listening."

"Can I do you while you're folding those?"

Ohno let go of Nino's yellow shirt he's folding and looked at Nino.

Ohno wanted to look pissed but he couldn't help the smile tugging at his lips when he saw that Nino was serious with his question. "You're stupid," Ohno dismissed Nino with just one sentence and moved on with his chore.

Nino, on the other hand, didn't move his gaze. He kept looking at Ohno folding shirt after shirt. On a normal day, he would have been bored out of his mind by now. But for some strange reason, he's not. There's something peaceful and satisfying in just looking at Ohno doing house chores.

Come to think of it, he doesn't feel tired even though he only had 4 hours of sleep from playing until this morning. He was deep in thought when he heard Ohno humming a song. After a few notes, he instantly understood what song its is. How can he not, Ohno was humming the song Nino composed just for him - Niji.

And that's when it hit him. The reason he doesn't feel tired or bored. The reason has been in front of him the entire time. Literally. It was Ohno. Waking up to Ohno's voice and Ohno's warmth, feasting on Ohno's taste first thing in the morning (in a totally wholesome sense), talking and arguing with Ohno about useless stuff, listening to Ohno unconsciously him his song, their song. An outsider might call them an old couple when they see how they spend their time together but Nino wouldn't have it any other way. He wouldn't change any part of their day for anything. Well, if you ask Nino, he would want to include a few hours of love making in their daily routine but nonetheless, he is already satisfied with the way they are. He doesn't mind spending each remaining days of his life like this. Hell, he would even wish for their every day to be this boring.

"Ne, Oh-chan."

"Hmm?" Ohno says without looking away from his second to the last shirt.


"What?" Ohno says as he reaches for the last piece.

"Ohno Satoshi."

Ohno placed the last shirt on his stack of folded clothes and looked at Nino.

"What is it, Ninomiya Kazunari?"

"I love you."

Ohno looked away without replying to Nino's love confessions but Nino can see Ohno's chubby cheeks getting redder and he smiled. Yep, he wouldn't trade these days for anything, even the most expensive game.
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24 October 2015 @ 12:59 pm
In the 2015/10 blog article of Hotei-san, he talked about his new album and his collaboration with Arashi. His blog went like this (for the Arashi part):

Changing the topic, my collaboration with Japan’s super group has been announced, right?


This song called “Kokoro no Sora” started with a Tokyo-London Skype meeting.
It was surreal to have a Skype meeting with Sakurai-kun and Matsumoto-kun. (lol)
Their concept of “Japan from the outside,” “A dance number with futuristic Japanese musical instruments” and “Going back to the roots,” made me think really hard during the meeting.
Despite their very busy schedule, they always take the work seriously, their awareness and volition as professionals are very strong.
When I went back to Japan during the summer, I went to the studio and had Sakurai-kun, Matsumoto-kun, and Ohno-san (I don’t know why but I use ‘-san’ for Ohno-san) listen to the demo and asked for their thoughts on it. Then, when Ohno-san said “I want to hear more of the guitar,” it made me very happy.
When I stand with them during the shoot for the PV, I had goosebumps the entire time.
Their dancing skills is no joke!
The calm and gentle Aiba-kun and Ninomiya-kun also switched on their wild side once the music starts playing.
It was a wonderful and valuable experience for me.
Thank you, Arashi!

[This valuable info came from here~]http://www.hotei.com/blog/2015/10/
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24 October 2015 @ 11:50 am
The CD sales of Japonism for three days already exceeded the one-week sales of their previous album, The Digitalian!


1st Day sales - 412,826 copies
2nd Day sales - 154,964 copies
3rd Day sales - 102,989 copies

One-week sales - 660,000

CONGRATULATIONS, ARASHI!! You really just keep on improving and moving to the top. We're so proud of you. <3 <3

13 October 2015 @ 06:32 pm

Arashi is scheduled to attend the special event of JAL in the beginning of February next year.

Entitled "JAL Ganbare! Nippon! R Special Event," aside from Arashi, olympic athletes and people who have been to the olympics are also attending.

They have also started a campaign wherein 1000 people who ride JAL domestic flights twice have a chance to be invited in the event and receive JAL original goods.

Details about the event such as the specific event is scheduled to be released in the website by the end of October.

Here is the link on the news: http://jnews1.com/archives/52712467.html

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05 August 2015 @ 11:17 am
As I was (again) randomly checking online about some Arashi stuff, I cam across a page that compiles proofs/stories that shows how rich the family of these 5 are. And so I've decided to translate them.

Here goes nothing...


His parent’s house as a chinese restaurant is just for show. In reality, they own a pretty large land in a major area in Makuhari (a place in Chiba). Even their dog house has air conditioning installed. They’re that rich. That’s why he’s okay even if he doesn’t learn how to cook. In Arashi, Sho is portrayed as the young master but in reality, the number one young master among Johnny’s is Aiba, the one always called the “common guy."


His father is a graduate of Tokyo University and soon to be the Vice Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication while his mother is a graduate Ochanomizu All-girls University and a literature professor at Komazawa University. It seems both his parents are from Gunma prefecture and his mother’s family is quite wealthy and a nobility. In one old episode of Utaban, he brought some stuff found at his grandmother’s house such as a high-end plate and a katana scabbard so it is safe to assume that he is pretty rich.


His great grandfather was a company president.


His family is well-known for being extremely rich. Even without becoming an idol, MatsuJun can survive just by taking after his family’s business (real life Domyouji). His family runs a poultry farm and sells eggs. They also sell these eggs in Rakuten with the tagline 'MatsuJun life' (written as 松潤命). It seems the eggs are really tasty that they were featured once in Hanamaru Market for 500yen a piece. The eggs sell as well as the 'MatsuJun' brand within Tokyo. They are also planning on exporting the eggs to Europe and America.


In a music show, they talked about how they spent their Christmas. Ohno answered with 'I spent it with my father and some people from his company. Around 10 people.' Aiba then asked, 'Eh? Is your father someone powerful? President?' 'I don’t really know but it seems that he is,' Ohno answered.

[The source is here~]http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2138286033831641201
So it's this brat's birthday. My favorite brat in this world.

And as I see people posting Nino-related things today, I thought of what I can do to celebrate his 32nd birthday aside from the usual cake and eating out.

And then I saw one post in Facebook that lists the 32 funniest Nino moments on tv. And then it struck me. I WILL LIST THE 32 THINGS I LIKE ABOUT NINO!!!

So here goes nothing..

32 Things I Like About You
1. I love your eyes that convey a thousand emotions when you act
2. I love your lips when you pout and your sexy mole on the chin
3. I love your hair no matter how you style or color it because you can totally pull it off
4. I love your short stubby fingers especially when their playing musical instruments
5. I love your eternal baby face
6. I love how cute and ridiculous outfits look good on you
7. I love your one pack stomach that was a result of your hard work on not working out
8. I love how you have a complex on being the one with the biggest face among Arashi
9. I love how you are secretive and complicated
10. I love your funny tsukkomis
11. I love your (insert the most appropriate adjective here) voice
12. I love your composed songs that are filled with feelings
13. I love how you’re almost as good as a pro in magic
14. I love how you prefer the digital world over the real world outside the door of your home
15. I love how you love money
16. I love how you care so much about your mother
17. I love how you write songs to express your feelings to your mother
18. I love how you appear like you don’t care when you really do
19. I love how you act smug when people praise you when you’re really humble deep inside
20. I love how proud you are of being an “idol”
21. I love how people praise you for being talented, professional, and polite
22. I love how you don’t want others to worry about you
23. I love how much of a fanboy you are of Takeuchi Yuko
24. I love how you use your hamburger hands to cover your face when you’re embarrassed
25. I love how you use your entire arm to cover your mouth when you laugh
26. I love how expressive your face is
27. I love the gap during Arashi concerts, your dramas, and variety shows
28. I love how bratty you act during your variety shows
29. I love how you consider Arashi as “the place I can always go back to”
30. I love how you show your love for Arashi by bullying them
31. I love how you consider your individual works as contribution to Arashi
32. I love YOU for being you

So in the words of the Fishing Leader, Ohno Satoshi:
05 April 2015 @ 04:26 am
Pairing: Ohmiya, Sakumiya, Juntoshi
Rating: Uhm, G?

Disclaimer: I don't own Arashi (unfortunately). All of this is a product of my wild imagination. :P

"Let's break up."
"Oh. Okay."

[For those with a lot of free time]
“Let’s break up,” the older man said. Nino almost dropped the plate he was washing but fortunately, he was able to get a grip of the plate and of himself. ‘We just finished feasting on hamburgers and you say that now? Really? Can’t you pick a better timing?’ is what Nino wanted but all that came out was a short “Oh.” Nino had said those break up words a lot of times in the past but he never meant any of them. Never did he expect those same words to come from the mouth of his partner. A long silence filled the room until Nino said “Okay.”

A lot of questions came to his mind but he’s never one to talk, he’s never the one to chase. He’s like an open door, accepting all the things that come and go. A few years ago, Ohno came his way and stayed for quite a while. But now, Ohno decided to go. Nino knew this will happen. He always knew that eventually, he’ll be left alone so he had no choice but to let Ohno go.

After Nino finished washing the dishes, they said their last words to one another and Ohno walked out of Nino’s apartment. He walked out of Nino’s life. There goes Ohno. There goes 3 years of their official relationship and 7 years of their unofficial togetherness.

He had no choice. He knew this was bound to happen. It can’t be helped.

5 years later

“Ne, ne!” Nino said as he barged into their dressing room. The other four members are already there, minding their own businesses. Nino dropped his bag on the sofa and sat beside Sho. “Ne, ne, Sho-chan. What time are you coming home tonight? There’s something I want to try,” said Nino as he laid his head on Sho’s lap. “I’m coming home late tonight. I have Zero shooting,” Sho replied without looking away from his newspapers.

Nino pouted, got up and scooted to where Aiba is. “How about you Aiba-chan? You free tonight?” “I would love to be your partner Nino but I can’t. The schedule for my new drama is pretty hectic,” Aiba responded. “J? You busy tonight?” Nino asked Jun, feeling a little hopeless already. “Pass. I already promised Shun and Toma I’d go drinking with them tonight. Sorry, Nino.”

There’s only one person in the room he hasn’t asked yet. It would be awkward if he doesn’t since he asked the other three. Besides, it’s been five years since their clean break-up. They are also with other people now - Nino with Sho and Ohno is with Jun. They were also able to do their job as Arashi without a hitch so there should be no problem.

With that in mind, Nino asked. “How about you, Leader? Do you want to accompany me tonight?” Ohno looked up from his fishing magazine, not knowing whether to accept or to decline. It may be awkward being with Nino with just the two of them because of their past. But Nino has been declined by three people in a row so it might be too much for him if he got rejected one more time. So feeling sorry for Nino, he said yes.

“Great, Oh-chan! I’ll be finishing work at around 5pm today. I’ll go straight home so you can just come by my apartment when you finish your work. See you later!” Nino said to Ohno as he gets ready for his individual work. With a quick peck on Sho’s lips, Nino left the dressing room without looking back. Nino is not really the type to look back so he is not aware of the gaze that followed his back as he left.

Ohno finished shooting at around 7 in the evening and he headed directly to Nino’s apartment. He saw the familiar building and got off the taxi. He got on the familiar elevator, pressed the usual button, and stopped in front of the door he knew so well. If this was five years ago, he would be opening that door without second thought and would be saying “I’m home!” but that’s not the case anymore. In spite of all the nostalgia, Ohno rang the doorbell.

Nino opened the door and let Ohno in. Ohno scanned the room for familiarity but there’s barely any of it. “This place changed quite a lot,” he commented as he removed his shoes to go inside. “Yeah. You see, Sho-chan did some alterations when he moved in here so I just let him do as he like,” Nino answered while making his way back to his paused game. “Go make yourself comfortable, Oh-chan. I’ll be with you as soon as I finish this stage.”

Ohno went to get some water from the refrigerator then sat at Nino’s white sofa. ‘At least he kept his white sofa,’ Ohno thought.

After a few minutes, Nino joined Ohno on the sofa. “So let’s get this started. Actually, I read in a magazine about an experiment that can make two stranger fall in love in just a matter of hours,” Nino explained. He continued, “I was originally planning to do this with Sho-chan so he can fall more in love with me but unfortunately, his work is more important than me. The same applies for Aiba and Jun, that’s why you’re here with me.” “You make it sound like you don’t want me to be here,” Ohno said, a little hurt by Nino’s tone. “It’s not like I don’t want you, Oh-chan. It’s just that I can’t afford you falling in love with me AGAIN. Jun’s gonna cry you know,” Nino said in his signature sarcastic tone. Ohno is about to say something but Nino stood up and got himself a glass of water as well.

“So, do you still want to do it, Oh-chan?” Nino asked, not sure which answer he wants to hear. When Ohno said yes, he felt a little relieved.. and happy. It’s not like he believes in the experiment 100% but somewhere in his heart, he hopes it works.

As a preparation for the game, Nino got a pitcher of water and some snacks they can chew on during the game. “So how does this experiment work?” Ohno asked. “We just have to answer a series of questions and when all the questions are answered, we stare into each others eyes for 4 minutes without talking,” Nino explained. “Sounds fun,” Ohno said as he fixes his seating posture as a sign of his readiness.

“Okay, first question,” Nino said, beginning their little game. “Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would you want as a dinner guest?” Silence filled the room as the two of them think. “I’d take Ogura-san,” Ohno broke the deafening silence. “Why Ogu-san?” Nino asked. “Remember that time when Ogu-san invited us all for the year-end celebration but I wasn’t able to go because I was having a year-end celebration with my family? I want to make up for that,” Ohno explained. Nino laughed at Ohno’s answer. This old man. That was quite a few years back and he still remembers that? And here I thought he has short-term memory. I guess it’s selective memory then. “How about you, Nino? Who would you have for dinner?” Ohno asked, breaking Nino’s train of thought. “I’d invite Yuko,” Nino answered without hesitation. “Yuko, as in Takeuchi Yuko-san?” Ohno confirmed. “Yes, Yuko,” Nino replied. Ohno didn’t ask further questions because he knows how Nino becomes when talking about his long-time crush.

It’s now Ohno’s turn to ask. “Second question: What would constitute a perfect day for you?” “That would be waking up anytime I want, playing games, drinking beer, playing games again, sleeping when I get tired, waking up again right before dinner, opening another can of beer, then continue playing my games,” Nino answered as a matter of factly. Ohno sighed at Nino’s answer. That’s exactly how Nino spends his day-offs. He would forget about his meals because he’s too much into his games that Ohno had to feed him when they were still together. “You have to include eating in your schedule, you know,” Ohno reminded Nino. “Yeah, yeah, whatever Oh-chan. Your turn to answer,” Nino dismissed Ohno’s concern. “Mine would be spending one whole day on a boat, fishing,” Ohno responded. “Your answer’s not that different from mine, you know,” Nino commented.

They continued their question and answer portion while munching on some finger food and drinking water. Nino did not offer Ohno alcohol because who knows what might happen when alcohol joins their game. They are now down to the last two questions.

“If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?” Nino asked. “That’s a tough one,” Ohno said while in deep thought. “For me, I would like the ability to be able to finish all video games in the world in just one try,” Nino said proudly. “You’re the one who wanted to try this experiment but I don’t think you’re taking this seriously, Nino. All your answers to the questions are either your games, your magic, or other superficial things. Isn’t this supposed to be more personal?” Ohno said, annoyance evident in his voice. “Why, what’s wrong with my answers? I’m answering the questions, aren’t I?” Nino defended. “I don’t think we can prove the possibility of making two people fall in love in a matter of hours with the way you’re answering them,” Ohno rebutted. “Okay, fine. You want a more personal one? Here you go. I want to have the quality that will make the people I love stay with me and not leave me,” Nino answered, a bit annoyed. He never liked talking about his feelings because it makes him vulnerable. He never wants to show his weak side to others, especially to Ohno who happens to be his greatest weakness.

Ohno, on the other hand, was taken aback by Nino’s answer. He remembered the day he walked out of Nino’s apartment five years ago. The day he left Nino.

He knew that Nino has been looking down on his self-worth since his father left him when he was a child. Ohno knew that Nino thinks of himself as unloveable and that everyone will just leave him. He knew. But even though he knew, he left him. Alone. He did the one thing Nino feared the most. That’s why he considered himself unworthy of coming back to him even though he’s been wanting to these past five years.

“Nino, I’m sor-,” Ohno was interrupted by Nino. “Your turn to answer, Leader.” “I want the ability to be unable to lie. To others and to myself,” Ohno answered. “I want to be able to stay true to myself so that I won’t have to make up lies that will only hurt me and the people I love,” he continued. Nino didn’t delve into Ohno’s answer and just gestured for Ohno to ask the last question.

Ohno obliged and read the last question. “If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone?” Ohno didn’t give Nino time to answer as he speak, “I would regret not telling you sorry for leaving you five years ago. I would regret not telling you how painful it was for me to walk out this apartment room. I would regret not telling you how much I loved you then and how I love you still, five years after. I would regret not telling you that there’s not a day I don’t despise myself for letting go of your hand. I would regret not telling you that it hurts me every time I see you with Sho-chan. I would regret not telling you that every day for the past five years, all I’ve been wanting is to be with you again. I would regret not telling you that I would do anything just to have you back. I would regret not telling you that I love you…” Ohno is close to crying and Nino is also nowhere calm.

Ohno’s confession caused all of Nino’s suppressed emotions for the past years to resurface. The anger, the pain, the loneliness. All caused by this old man in front of him. He remembered the months he spent crying himself to sleep after Ohno left him. He remembered the meaningless nights he spent with all those girls just to forget the pain. He remembered the struggle he faced every time he sees Ohno talking and being close to the Arashi members in their dressing room. He remembered the buckets of tears he cried when he learned that Ohno is now with Jun.

“It’s my turn,” Nino broke the silence. “I would regret not telling you that you’re a fucking bastard for leaving me. I would regret not telling you that I wish you never left me. I would regret not telling you that it hurt me more when you left me than when my father left us. I would regret not telling you that I never got over you these past years. I would regret not telling you that I don’t like the view of you and Jun together. I would regret not telling you that I’ve been hoping you still love me and would want me back. I would regret not telling you that I love you,” Nino took deep breaths after saying his piece to calm himself down.

Ohno was about to pull Nino into a hug when Nino stood up. “Okay, now that we’re done with the questions, it’s time for the eye contact,” Nino said as he left the living room to get his phone to use as timer. Ohno felt dejected with Nino’s actions but said nothing.

Nino came back with his phone in hand and sat down in the same place. “Now all that’s left to do is stare in each other’s eyes for four minutes. Ready, Oh-chan?” Nino said in a cheerful voice as if the earlier confession didn’t happen. Ohno had no choice but to nod.

“Okay, go!” Nino said as he pushed the start button of his phone’s timer. It’s been a long time since they’ve looked into each other’s eyes like this. All the hushed up emotions and the words unspoken are very evident in their eyes. It is very obvious that they still love each other and that they long for one another’s touch. It’s so apparent that they notice it themselves but no one is brave enough to do the first move. From their stares, it is obvious that they want to kiss the life out of each other, to touch each other, to make love like there's no tomorrow. It’s what they want more than anything in this world. They know it more than anyone. But they also know why it can’t be. Why they can’t be.

After the four minutes that felt like eternity, Nino’s phone rang. They were awaken from their trance and taken back to the real world where they are two separate individuals now.

“So, the experiment’s done. That was interesting,” Nino said getting up. “Yeah,” was all Ohno could answer. “Is Jun coming to pick you up? What time is he coming?” Nino asked as he get another pitcher of water. “Yeah. He said he’s already on his way,” Ohno answered. “I see. Sho-chan’s also probably on his way home so let’s just wait for them,” Nino said as he returned to the sofa and turned on the tv.

Meanwhile, Jun was surprised to see a familiar figure sitting outside Nino’s apartment door.

“Sho-kun, what are you doing sitting out here? Why don’t you go in?” Jun asked him. “They just finished. I didn’t want to disturb them earlier,” Sho answered as he got on his feet. “How long have you been outside?” Jun asked since Sho’s cheeks are very red. “A few hours. Zero ended quite early. How about you? Where have you been all this time? I saw Toma earlier at the studio and he said he has shooting until the next morning,” Sho questioned the younger.

They realised what they were both doing. “Are you sure we made the right decision? What if those two got back together?” Jun asked, a little scared of what could have been the result of Nino and Ohno’s talk. “We both know they needed to sort things out. They’re still in love with each other five years after they broke up, for crying out loud! They need to have their closure if we want our relationships to advance,” Sho said as he remembered the nights Nino cried in his sleep while saying Ohno’s name. Jun couldn’t disagree with Sho. He often sees Ohno’s lingering looks when Nino wasn't looking and it tears him up inside each time.

After convincing themselves that they made the right choice and it’s up to Ohno and Nino now, they rang the doorbell. They heard Nino answer from the inside. They can also hear his footsteps as he heads for the door. “I don’t care if Nino still loves Ohno. As long as he chooses to be with me, that’s more than enough. I'm not letting go as long as he doesn't want me to,” Sho said to Jun just before Nino opens the door. “Okaeri, Sho-chan. Hi, Jun,” Nino greeted him with his usual smile.

“Leader, Jun’s here to pick you up!” Nino shouted to their leader. But when there was no response, he opted to come and get him himself. “I think he might have fallen asleep. I’ll kick his ass awake. Wait here,” Nino said before he left for the living room.

“Just so you know, Sho-chan, I don’t plan on letting that old guy go too. Even if he loves Nino, even if Nino begs for him back, I won’t hand him over,” Jun declared. “Good,” Sho smiled before Nino appeared dragging a sleepy Ohno with him.



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